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We are Rare
An award-winning marketing agency focused on creating client campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

Our work includes strategy and brand development; creative design; websites, mobile apps and software tools; digital marketing; media planning; PR and much more. As the lines of marketing communication continue to blur, most campaigns and projects include both online and offline elements.

After reviewing your brief and understanding your objectives and market landscape, our team will tailor a carefully crafted marketing communications programme to suit your objectives and help you achieve success.


Be Bold.

Be Brave.

Job satisfaction at a marketing agency comes from seeing our work yield results and the client business prosper. But awards help too!


We are fortunate to have received a number of accolades for our work on our behalf of our clients. There is no better feeling than seeing the work you do recognised by your clients and your peers. And the celebrations are great too!

We also have lots of experience in B2B, B2C and not-for-profit markets and a wide range of industry sectors. We are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and are proud of our involvement in the local business community. But distance is no object, and we work with clients nationwide.

Above all else, if you work with Rare you will be assured of gaining the insight, experience, and expertise of a talented bunch of creative designers, web developers, digital marketing experts and client-facing project managers. We are a hard working, hands-on team who get as much pleasure from achieving success as our clients do.

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